Mar 24, 2016 Published in Marketing, Medical Device Marketing, competitive share, competition

Cross Reference Tool for Stealing Competitive Share


When it comes time to steal share from the competition, it's important for your sales team - and your customers know exactly how to switch to your product. Sometimes that's simple - swap Heinz for Hunts in the grocery aisle. But when it comes to switching medical device products, things get a little more complicated. Kind of like mattresses, medical device manufacturers name their products differently, everyone uses a different proprietary material blend, etc... So how can you help your sales team more effectively swap your product in and swap the competition out?

With a cross reference tool!

We have seen companies that publish and print massive catalogs of current and competitive products that allow the sales team to look up the information. Unfortunately, most of those catalogs are out of date as soon as they hit the printer's doorstep.

We've also seen massive databases that live on one person's desk and they end up spending their entire day answering questions from customer service, the sales team, marketing teams etc... about what exactly is in that thing.

And then we've seen the effective development and deployment of an online database powered cross-reference tool. Cue the angels singing! Finally something that will shed light on the data that you do have and turn it into a powerful resource for growing your market share. However, how do you go about building one of these dream applications? What are some tips and tricks of the trade?

For starters, you give The Matchstick Group a call as we have some significant experience building these platforms. Second, learn from our best practices!


Click the above and fill out the form to download your copy of our Medical Device Cross Reference Guide.

This guide will provide you with intel on:

  • Handling competitive codes
  • Ensuring accuracy
  • The power of a 'non-breaking space'
  • And more


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