Feb 25, 2016 Published in Marketing, Web Content, Inbound Marketing, Video

Hosting Private Content on Your Website


I just got off the phone with a client who asked if we could post a recent Webinar up to their website. No problem - we have tons of medical device animations and physician case videos on their site already. But this was a little different. This file needed to be available for a short period of time, only for a pre-specified audience AND they wanted for it to be password protected. Okay, that's a little bit different... We could spend a ton of time and money creating a portal, registering users, building profiles and firewalls, but our clients needed this up yesterday and they didn't have the luxury of spending a lot of time or money.

Here's how we did it...

Now first of all, I have to give a shout-out to WebEx because if you're looking to record video on the cheap, it's a great way to go. We have been using their service for years and we've used it in a number of ways

1. Market Research: We've used WebEx in the past to conduct one on one physician interviews.We  also tried UStream and a specialty Panasonic HD video recorder with built-in wif to no avail. WebEx was fantastic. The record function allows you to capture and save both audio and video files. The webcam functionality also enabled us to conduct interviews at a physician conference in the UK and stream them live to the US, Japan and EMEA markets. We recorded the videos and were able to store them directly onto the Webex server. Webex even has an option to schedule the sessions in advance so our clients were able to check-in to see what interviews were coming up next.

2. Physician Case Presentations: Physician case presentations and actual interventions that demonstrate how thought leaders use a given product - that's the content that they (physicians) find most valuable. It's some of the most shared content too. 

3. Internal Videos: We have developed internal videos for multiple clients. But with internal videos, budgets contraints can be quite high, especially when R&D is in a different location than marketing, etc... For one client, we used WebEx to help us facilitate and monitor a video shoot in Israel from NY, NJ and CA.

4. Webinars: And then of course there are webinars - the very thing that our client above was looking for!

So once we had the video, how did we post the content and make it private in about 15 minutes?

Vimeo Pro. We use private channels on YouTube to host a lot of video because we like the ability to set up 'play lists', but YouTube doesn't offer the ability to password protect specific videos the way that we (and our clients) needed to in this case.

With Vimeo you can:

  • Upload files up to 100M
  • Make your videos available everyone
  • Make your videos available only to people who have a link or who have been 'approved'
  • Password protect your videos

So there you have it.

Video can be a great online tool for attracting and educating new and potential customers. Our med device clients have found it invaluable both online and offline in this day of Show & Sell. And physicians are much more likely to stop and watch a case presentation than read a dense printed how to guide. For real examples

Check out our case studies

If you have a video that you need hosted, password protected and shared our recommendation would be VimeoPro. If you need an easy way to capture specific moments consider WebEx. And if you have some great content, but no where to house it - consider reaching out to us to build your new site ; )

Until next time!


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