Jan 22, 2020

How to construct a medical device launch timeline

12 Month

Launching a medical device is a huge undertaking and it is best broken down into small steps if it is to succeed. However, it’s not uncommon for marketers to be left with only 3, 2 or even 1 month before launch to start creating collateral. Much like setting a budget, setting a realistic timeline is a vital part of the planning process.

Let’s take a look at a 12-month timeline:

12 months from launch
We recommend kicking off with a 3V workshop and either conducting primary market research or assessing any VOC research that you have. Our 3V Workshop gives you a way to look at the overall market landscape and internal and external factors that will enable you to position the product (or portfolio) for not just today, but for success in the next 2-3 year time horizon. We take the output from this workshop and develop a positioning statement. Begin creative concept development.

11 months
Continue creative concept development and create your core claims matrix. Develop messaging.

10 months
Continue messaging development. Choose creative concepts to test.

9 months
Test creative concepts and messages with your target audience

8 months
Choose your creative concept.
Start creating your problem awareness collateral.

7 months
Start creating the launch collateral items such as animations or videos, sales brochure, sell sheet, how-to guide, and rep playbook.

6 months
Release your problem awareness sell sheet and ads. Develop your VAC pack.

5 months
Start creating the “teaser” or “coming soon” ads and convention panel so they have time to be approved for deployment 3 months out.

4 months
You should have the first draft of all launch collateral at this point. Review and make changes now.

3 months
Make sure you have teaser materials for your device ready to show at any conventions pre-launch. Prep the sales team.

2 months
Final collateral submissions to your medical, legal, and regulatory reviewers should be made. Give them a firm deadline to get their comments back to you. We usually estimate about 2 weeks.

1 month
With final changes made, get your final files to the printer. This will give you enough time for your collateral to be printed, shipped, and distributed to reps.

Reps roll out the product, “First Case” video demo scheduled, press release and launch ads are deployed

Next time we’ll take a look at a post-launch timeline. Do you have a medical device product launch coming up in the next 12 months? Give us a call!

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