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Medical Device Post-Launch Timeline

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You’ve launched a new medical device. Congratulations! Now what do you do? What is the cadence of activities that will put your new device onto a trajectory for success? The work’s not over yet if you want to drive awareness, trial, and ultimately adoption of your med device.

Let’s take a look at a post-launch timeline:

3 months post-launch
By now, you’ve debuted the product at a convention and held a primary podium talk with a key opinion leader (KOL). Ideally, you’ve shown a first case video demo to physicians. You’ve probably also got a good promotional animation/video either on your website or on your reps tablets. Now is the time to get some additional content on your website with a how-to guide, a clinical bibliography, or continuing news updates. You’re driving traffic to the website with your e-blasts and your launch ads.

6 months post-launch
A peer-to-peer dinner program with KOLs should be scheduled from launch to 6-months out. You’re continuing to update value analysis committee (VAC) materials and train reps on using the VAC pack. Your launch ads are still running and driving traffic to your site, and yes, you are still sending out e-blasts to your leads. Remember the rule of 7: an average customer has to see an ad 7 times in order to remember it. That means that if a customer only visits a given journal site once a month, your ad will have to run 7 months just to make a dent. There is only one way to measure the effectiveness of a given marketing tactic, and that is by conversion. But we’ll tackle that topic next time.

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