Jun 29, 2020 Published in Medical Device Marketing, Strategy

Pivoting Your Medical Device Marketing Plan in 2020

Pivot 2020

This time last year you were likely thinking about your 2020 medical device marketing plan. And irrespective of how insightful your strategic planning was, you most likely didn't predict how this year would unfold - and how much it might cost you in terms of your marketing goals and sales objectives.

And 2020 was a shock to us too! Just in February we sent out a med device product launch timeline to our email list, which was built on the assumption that reps would be in the field and the year would be full of live in-person event initiatives, like trade shows and other in-person meetings.

But now of course, everything has changed. And with the way COVID cases are on the rise again, it doesn't look like we're going to be going 'back to normal' anytime soon. 

Med device marketers have been forced to improvise their marketing activities and are scrambling to make up the revenue lost. We discussed some of the specific challenges that medical device marketers are facing here.

But we realize, that we also have to change.

That is why we have updated our launch timeline with new virtual marketing tactics. And we shortened it, condensing a typical 12 month plan into 12 weeks because we know you don’t have any time left to lose!


Virtual events and selling will be here to stay.

More people will continue working from their homes, and in-person meetings with clinicians could be hard to come by, even once elective surgeries on back on schedule. What this all adds up to is that digital marketing & virtual events must be mastered by med device marketers, and pronto!

Over the next few weeks we will be diving deep into digital marketing skillsets. We will give you the skinny on email marketing and marketing automation, virtual events, video and social media marketing.

All of these tactics must be in your tool belt, but good news, they apply to existing products as well as launches.


We are going to be giving away so much secret sauce in the weeks to come you won’t want to miss any of it. Be sure to subscribe, so you won’t miss a thing!

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