May 06, 2019

Published in: Social Media, Web Content, Brand Building

Med Device and Social Media: Is it Right for My Brand?

To medical device brands, determining not only which social media platform to use but how to effectively use it can be confusing and overwhelming.
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Feb 09, 2016

Published in: Marketing, Virtual World, Future Technologies, Brand Building

Huggies 3D Printing Campaign

My first introduction to the idea of 3D printing came in 2010 when I read this great little gem of a book written by an advertising exec. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name or the author. Sad, I know. But Andy Spitzer, who’s now the Creative Director at GSW lent it to me once while we were working together and there were some great stories about Nike and other big brands but one thing that struck me is that this agency had procured a 3D printer - ‘way back when’. Now either they were completely visionary or they had way too much money on their hands but I just remember thinking how cool that was. And now of course 3D printing is becoming much more mainstream - and we’re seeing loads of potential applications in the med device space. But we haven’t seen a lot of it in advertising and/or promotion yet.

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