Dec 13, 2016

Published in: Marketing, Strategy

5 Ways to Make Your Ads More Effective

  1. Start with research. Pharma ads are often researched ad nauseum - but only to 'pick' a final concept. Instead turn the sequence around and start with research with the primary target. True voice of customer research looks at the customers needs, their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. Make sure that your research focuses both on what they think about the problem you're trying to solve and your product's ability to solve it.


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Dec 07, 2016

Published in: Trends, Marketing, Strategy

Pharma Brand Ad Spending Compared to Google Searches

By now, most everyone has seen Coyne College’s map of the most searched-for pharma brands in the US — it has shown up everywhere from Fierce Pharma to r/dataisbeautiful. But, here at The Matchstick Group, we were curious: does this map reflect these brands’ advertising spending? The answer, surprisingly, is no. When comparing the top brands on the map to the top ad spenders in the pharmaceutical space, it’s clear that airwave saturation doesn’t seem to impact state-by-state Google searches. So, if the map shows no apparent correllation between ad spend and search traffic, what does it show?
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Mar 04, 2016

Published in: Medical Device Marketing, Strategy

Marketing Metrics for the Medical Device World

The return on investment in marketing and advertising activities has always been tricky. It doesn't help that sales can be quantified in a number of different ways - dollars, units, share. And then when you add the extra complexity of selling on consignment, slob rates, inventory turnover, contracted pricing, NGOs, it's no wonder that clearly demonstrating the impact that your marketing dollars are having can be tough!

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