May 06, 2019

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Med Device and Social Media: Is it Right for My Brand?

To medical device brands, determining not only which social media platform to use but how to effectively use it can be confusing and overwhelming.
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Feb 25, 2016

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Hosting Private Content on Your Website

I just got off the phone with a client who asked if we could post a recent Webinar up to their website. No problem - we have tons of medical device animations and physician case videos on their site already. But this was a little different. This file needed to be available for a short period of time, only for a pre-specified audience AND they wanted for it to be password protected. Okay, that's a little bit different... We could spend a ton of time and money creating a portal, registering users, building profiles and firewalls, but our clients needed this up yesterday and they didn't have the luxury of spending a lot of time or money.

Here's how we did it...

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